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List of ruby[bot]'s commands

Public Commands

>> ruby_code

Executes the given code and prints either the result or the first line of the output

VER>> ruby_code

Executes the code using the specified Ruby version. E.g. 18>> RUBY_VERSION will run the code using Ruby 1.8.

Available versions, the latest available patch release available on for each will be used:

  • 27 - for Ruby 2.7
  • 26 - for Ruby 2.6
  • 25 - for Ruby 2.5
  • 24 - for Ruby 2.4
  • 23 - for Ruby 2.3
  • 22 - for Ruby 2.2
  • 21 - for Ruby 2.1
  • 20 - for Ruby 2.0

MODE>> ruby_code

Executes the code using the mode. E.g. asm>> 1 + 1 to disassemble the given code.

Available modes:

  • default - Runs the given Ruby code normally with the default Ruby version.
  • asm - Disassembles the given Ruby code into instructions for the Ruby Virtual Machine.
  • ast - Returns a representation of the AST resulting from the given Ruby code.
  • tok - Returns the tokens for the given Ruby code as seen by Ruby's lexer.

?fact [target]

Responds with the fact. Take a look at the list of facts.
If target is provided, ruby[bot] will address that user with the fact.

!ops [all]

Lists active ops.
With the all parameter, it will list all ops, not just active ones.

Commands restricted to operators

qkick'!qkick nick [channel] [reason]'
kicks a user
kick'!kick nick [channel] [duration] [reason][ "|" secret_reason]'
kicks the user and bans them for 1min in order for them to take notice of the kick
mute'!mute nick [channel] [duration] [reason][ "|" secret_reason]'
mutes the user
ban'!ban nick [channel] [duration] [reason][ "|" secret_reason]'
bans the user
connection'!connection nick [channel]'
kicks the user, bans them for 3 days and redirects to #ruby-fix-your-connection
fixcon same as !connection.
spam'!spam nick [channel]'
kicks and bans for a day
rude'!rude nick [channel]'
kicks and bans for an hour
badnick'!badnick nick [channel]'
kicks and bans nick-only permanently (note: this one seems to be buggy atm and not work as advertized)
troll'!troll nick [channel]'
kicks and bans for a week
flood'!flood nick [channel]'
only kicks
add a factoid!fact (add |mk) LABEL TEXT
delete a factoid!fact (remove | rm) LABEL
edit a factoid!fact (edit | ed) LABEL TEXT