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These are the people running #ruby and related channels on Libera Chat.

All lists are in alphabetical order. It's in the form "nick name (auth name)".

Founders & Operators

  • adam12 (adam12)
  • havenwood (havenwood)
  • jhass (jhass)

ruby[bot] is our official channel bot.

People that made the original Freenode community

We formed and grew up in large part on the original Freenode network, which couldonly happen due to the amazing people that we want to pay tribute to here. Libera Chat is in many ways the successor to what was build there, more so than the new network that now has taken Freenode's name. If any of you wants to continue the adventure with us over on Libera Chat we welcome you.

Original Freenode Founders

  • apeiros
  • drbrain
  • Radar
  • zzak

Original Freenode Operators

  • adaedra
  • Aria
  • banisterfiend
  • baweaver
  • imperator
  • ljarvis
  • mathewd
  • miah
  • Mon_Ouie
  • seanstickle
  • slyphon
  • smathy
  • workmad3
  • zenspider