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There are many Ruby related channels on Freenode, this page tries to give an overview of the most important ones.

Here is a list of the channels associated with the Ruby community:

  • #ruby - The place for almost all your Ruby related topics, get tips from friendly people or help someone out!
  • #ruby-offtopic - Meet your friends and colleagues in the Ruby community, chat about whatever you want and have a good time!
  • #ruby-pro - #ruby is too much noise? Join this moderated channel for your advanced Ruby topics and discuss them with industry experts.
  • #ruby-community - Don't like what you see? Join here if you want to discuss, improve and expand this website.

There are a couple of language- and country-specific ruby channels:

  • #ruby-ch: Swiss ruby channel
  • #ruby-de: German ruby channel
  • #ruby-es: Spanish ruby channel
  • French ruby channel
  • Irelands ruby channel
  • #ruby-it: Italian ruby channel
  • #ruby-ja: Japanese ruby channel
  • Polish ruby channel
  • #ruby-ru: Russian ruby channel
  • #ruby-tw: Taiwanese ruby channel

#ruby and the associated channels are not always the best place for getting help with a specific Ruby project, here are some channels for project specific support:

  • #RubyOnRails - For all your Ruby on Rails needs, whether you just started out or hit some edge case.
  • #rubygems - Talk to the people delivering all those nice gems to you.
  • #bundler - Your bundle won't install? Check by here.
  • #rvm - Got troubles switching Rubies? This place is for you.
  • #sinatra - The other popular Ruby webframework got its own channel too.
  • #passenger - Running web applications is not always easy, get help here.
  • #puppet - Bring your machines back under control.
  • #chef - Stuck automating your infrastructure? These people got you covered.
  • #metasploit - Written in Ruby, but these people know to use it.
  • #jruby - Giving this alternate Ruby implementation a try but having issues? Join this channel.
  • #jekyll - Your Blog doesn't update anymore? Get help!
  • #sequel - Share and give tips on using this popular ORM!

Just started and too many eyes watching? Give ##new2ruby a try.